What an Incredible Journey So Far

Although we, as an agency, prefer to work quietly in the background, this might be an appropriate time to break with tradition. In addition to celebrating the New Year in a couple of weeks, our Agency will also reach an anniversary of 50 years of responding to the communities we serve.

What began with a $75 budget and a mission to provide affordable and professional care to youth in Placer County has developed into so much more. We now serve communities in several California counties, employ over 150 professionals, offer a diverse array of programs and enjoy collaborative relationships with hospitals, stakeholders and other providers from Tahoe to San Luis Obispo.

A significant expansion occurred over the past couple of years as we incorporated service provision in San Luis Obispo offering Crisis Stabilization services and Mental Health Evaluation teams that work throughout the night.

As we welcomed new programs, services and people we also said goodbye to one of our clinical components in Tahoe City. Their years of contribution to the community will yield benefit for generations to come.

Change, it is said, is one of the only constants in life. We tend to embrace the inevitability of change and view it as opportunity rather than a threat from which to hide. In what might appear to be a contradiction, change and consistency can be leveraged to create some wonderful things.

Compassion, respect, ethics, professionalism and caring are components of our foundation as an agency. From this platform we build, adjust and respond. Without this platform we would not be able to help as effectively as we have. This statement is not intended to cast aside humility but rather to express a functional design.

In a rather uncharacteristic display of public fanfare, the following needs to be acknowledged. In a career spanning over 34 years, the past 20 of which with Sierra Mental Wellness Group a.k.a. Sierra Family Services, I have never experienced a better collection of dedicated people with whom to work. The success of all plans, concepts and lofty ideas are predicated upon individuals who come together for a purpose. The past 50 years have provided a wonderful combination of people who have delivered us to this point.

To each and every employee past and present, I would like to express my gratitude and respect for who you are and the profound impact you have on those you serve. I am humble in your company and proud to be a part of you.