New Training Opportunities: Assessing and Managing Suicidal Risk (AMSR)

Sierra Mental Wellness Group is excited to announce that the agency’s trainer, David Rogers, LMFT has undergone certification as a trainer in Assessing and Managing Suicidal Risk (AMSR); an evidenced based protocol for assessing suicidal risk developed by The Suicide Prevention Resource Center and The American Association of Suicideology.

AMSR teaches a cutting edge, evidence based process of formulating risk beyond ‘high, medium, and low.’ The training explains how to synthesize specific information in order to inform clinical judgments regarding a patient’s immediate distress and resources at a specific time and place (Pisani, Murrie, & Silverman, 2016).

The goal of AMSR is not to ‘predict’ behavior but to promote communication and collaboration among professionals, patients, and families to reduce risk in the short and long term (Pisani, Murrie, & Silverman, 2016). The formulation resulting from AMSR offers one of the highest standards of care related to effectively managing suicidal risk.

The trainer’s certification process required in-depth, multi-day training at The University of Washington’s School of Social Work. David trained under AMSR master trainer Susan Eastward, M.S.W and other National Mental Health Professionals all interested in increasing the competency of the behavioral health workforce in addressing suicidality.

Participants in the AMSR Training earn 6.5 hours of face-to face training and CEUs, comprised of an engaging mixture of lecture and exercises.

Attendees also will receive the 100-page participant manual containing:


The full curriculum including future readings.

Unexpected tools to use in risk formulation.

The AMSR formula including specific questions, methods, and documentation strategies that surprise new and veteran crisis workers.

Two proprietary safety planning frameworks including templates just to name a few!

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR): Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals can be offered multiple times throughout the year and can be arranged to accommodate a specific team’s training requirements and schedule.

For inquiries, please call Sierra Mental Wellness Group at (916) 783-5207